Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light
Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light
Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light
Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light
Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light
Brinyte M18 Copper Safety Keychain Light


Luz de llavero de seguridad de cobre Brinyte M18

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1. Ultra pequeño y liviano, 1,70 pulgadas/0,78 oz;
2. Utiliza LED CREE, la salida máxima alcanza los 110 lúmenes;
3. Cuenta con una distancia de haz de 114 pies, 3 horas de funcionamiento máximo;
4. El nivel de protección IP68 funciona perfectamente en todos los climas;
5. Lo que obtienes: linterna M18, llavero, cable de carga USB, batería 3,7 V 1000 mAh 10180, manual de usuario.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
great little light

this is a good keychain light. just enough to see in a movie house or make your way around pathways

Revised Review

Ironically I think I know the answer to my problem.
It seems that I have another M18 that I got off of E-bay here in the USA quite a while ago.
When I tried it it was tighter when screwing the head on and off.
A quick investigation found that there was no O-ring and that’s why it was too loose. I guess I lost it somewhere.
I’ll try and find and appropriately sized r-ring and I should be good to go
And yes, the other M18 with the O-ring is plenty tight and I would even use it as a zipper pull:)

Dennis O'Brien
Excellent EDC Keychain light

Nice little light for your keychain. Only thing I worry about is the twist head coming loose in my pocket. But it's OK as long as I carry my keys in my pocket (which I always do.) Would not use it as a zipper pull for fear of losing the head.

Garreth P Hoover
Great little light

Replaced my current keychain light. Solid copper and its plenty bright.

Polymeros Achaniotis
Quality copper keychain light

The M18 is an elegant keychain light, with a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design.

It is a twisty, with two brightness levels, the lower of which is very useful for close inspection. The high mode is bright enough to see you safely to your door if you find yourself without a bigger light and it is a great backup light, as it is always on your keys.

It provides a micro-USB port hidden under the threads for charging the battery, which is replaceable, so you do not have to throw the light away when the battery wears out, like you have to with some other brands.

The movement of the head is dampened by an o ring, which provides the water proofing as well and there is no way the head of the light would unscrew on its own and fall to never be found again, as it happens with some other keychain lights.

The milling and finish are perfect and done to a nice, satin finish.

I can't wait for the patina to start forming! I cannot believe I got this light as a free gift with my order!