What are the different types of flashlights available?

What are the different types of flashlights available?

Flashlights can be divided into different categories according to different purposes, including tactical flashlights, infrared flashlights, hunting flashlights, outdoor flashlights, headlamps, EDC flashlights, etc.

1. Tactical flashlight.

There is no essential difference between tactical flashlights and ordinary flashlights in principle and structure. Still, tactical flashlights must adapt to the use requirements of various harsh environmental conditions. Hence, its performance, such as high and low-temperature performance, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, Illumination, and so on are much higher than ordinary flashlights. Tactical flashlights are generally spotlight flashlights with long range and high brightness. They are designed with a quick turn-on Turbo mode or strobe mode to facilitate the completion of tactical tasks.

2. Infrared flashlight

In the past, infrared flashlights were special flashlights for the army, because infrared light is invisible to the human eye and needs to be seen with infrared night vision devices, which also makes infrared flashlights an effective tool for reconnaissance, surveillance, and completion of tactical tasks. Due to the characteristics of infrared light, some hunters also use infrared flashlights for hunting.

3. Outdoor flashlight

In fact, outdoor flashlights are not much different from other ordinary flashlights, but manufacturers will have a certain distinction in design. For example, the beam of an outdoor flashlight is generally designed as a floodlight, which can illuminate a large area. Unlike tactical flashlights, outdoor flashlights do not require a one-key turbo or one-key strobe. But for outdoor use, ECO mode and SOS mode will be added, and the flashlight can be used for a long time and call for help in case of outdoor distress. Make it more reliable in your outdoor journey.

4. EDC flashlight

EDC is actually the abbreviation of Everyday Carry. The flashlight that is convenient to carry every day is relatively small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Such as key flashlight, pocket light, mini flashlight, etc.

5. Hunting flashlight

As mentioned earlier, some hunters use infrared flashlights for hunting. There are also some hunting flashlight products on the market. Manufacturers will add red, green, blue and other color filters to the white light of the flashlight, so as to achieve the purpose of red, green, and blue light from the flashlight, which is convenient for hunting different animals. Therefore, hunting flashlights generally come in multiple colors. Because different animals are not sensitive to different colors of light, and animals are seen inconsistently under different colors of light, for example, green is used for pig hunting because it shows their dark contrast better than white or red. And red is used for hunting deer, mice, rabbits, etc. At present, there is only one manufacturer’s hunting flashlight on the market that does not need an additional color filter. You can easily switch colors by turning the head of the flashlight, and multiple colors share the same single-port large reflector to maximize the range.

5. Headlamps

The headlight is a kind of flashlight that can free your hands. Wear it on your head and your hands can do a lot. It is a good helper for work, outdoor camping, hiking, and other activities.

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