Some about the colored filters on Hunting Flashlight

Some about the colored filters on Hunting Flashlight

The light color of a hunting flashlight is divided into white light, red light, green light, and even blue light. But what's the difference between these light colors? Next, I will tell you.

White light is best for reading, and flooding areas with light. You can also see it from a LONG way away. Some high-powered flashlights under favorable conditions could be spotted from 150 miles… You will also anger anyone close to wearing night vision using any white light because it looks as if they just stared directly at the sun - so now they’re temporarily blinded with those annoying spots running through their visuals, and may quickly develop a severe headache.

Red light has lots of applications. Some animals (including humans) can’t see red light, it ceases to become visible at close ranges, and it doesn’t blind the crap out of you and others when donning night vision.

Green light has less application in cheap equipment as it still makes it hard to see, but it also doesn’t scare animals, and cannot be viewed from the side so it’s nearly impossible to give away your location. ‘Way more useful in high-end tactical gear.

Blue is better for reading maps and books when you can’t use white light, but aren’t concerned about medium-distance light travel. Also doesn’t blind everyone wearing night vision.

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