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Brinyte GM01 Ultra-Strong Magnetic Mount For Fixed Pistol

Brinyte GM01 Ultra-Strong Magnetic Mount For Fixed Pistol

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1. PREMIUM QUALITY: Powerful high-rated rubber coated neodymium magnets will firmly hold your fully loaded firearms without scratching them during the mounting and dismounting process.
2. FEATURED DESIGN: Thicker design offers plenty of sight clearance for your handgun or pistol.
3. ON-THE-GO PROTECTION: Mount almost any gun type and model in a variety of ways for quick access in your office, car, entryway, safe, bedroom.
4. LOW-KEY SYSTEM: Compact 3.75"L x 1.39"W x 0.74"H design for easy hiding and discreet placement allows for a sleek low profile gun mount.
5. INSTALLS IN MINUTES: Self-tapping screws and plastic expansion wall plugs included.

1. Not for use with loaded firearms or for quick draw purpose
2. Keep out of range of children
3. Adhere to all gun safety guidelines and use at own risk

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