Tips and essential knowledge for hunting coyotes using green light

Tips and essential knowledge for hunting coyotes using green light


has always been a popular activity among outdoor enthusiasts and hunters . Coyotes are active at night, so hunting often at night is one of the most effective ways to do so. When hunting at night, using green light has become an increasingly popular choice.

1. What is Green Light Hunting?

Green light hunting involves using a green light beam to illuminate prey, making it easier to target and identify. Green light hunting is often used to hunt nocturnal animals such as coyotes. The wavelength range of green light is usually between 492 and 577 nanometers . Compared with traditional white light or red light, the wavelength of green light can more easily penetrate fog, rain and snow, and is also less likely to be detected by prey, so at night More effective in hunting.

2. Advantages of Green Light Hunting

  • Strong penetrating power : The wavelength of green light makes it more penetrating than other colors in fog or rain and snow, which means that in bad weather conditions, green light can still provide clear vision.
  • Hard to detect : Coyotes and other wildlife generally react less to green light than other colors of light, so using green light can make it easier to get closer to prey.
  • Improved accuracy : When the green light shines on the target, the contrast is higher and the outline is clearer, making aiming more accurate.

3. Green light hunting skills

  • Choose the appropriate irradiation range : When green light hunting, you need to pay attention to the choice of irradiation range. Generally speaking, the effective range of green light is between 50 and 100 yards, so you need to keep within this range for hunting.

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  • Stay quiet and stealthy : Even if you use green light, you still need to stay quiet and stealthy, minimizing your movements and sounds to avoid disturbing your prey.
  • Familiarize yourself with the environment : Before going green light hunting, it is best to conduct a detailed survey and understanding of the hunting location, and be familiar with the terrain and prey activity patterns.

4. Precautions for Green Light Hunting

  • Avoid overexposure : Excessive exposure to green light may frighten or alert prey, so green light needs to be used with caution and unnecessary exposure to a minimum.
  • Avoid direct exposure to human eyes : Although green light is safer for prey, it may still cause damage to human eyes. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid direct exposure to human eyes during use.

Green light hunting is an efficient and safe way to hunt coyotes, but it does require some skill and knowledge from the hunter. Through the correct use of green light, hunters can more easily find, target and defeat prey at night , while also improving the fun and experience of hunting. However, hunters also need to pay attention to protecting the natural environment and the safety of wild animals when hunting under green light to ensure the sustainability and legality of hunting activities.