User green lights for hog hunting

User green lights for hog hunting

The use of green light equipment has become a popular and effective method during nighttime wild boar hunts. Compared with traditional white light flashlights or other colored lighting tools, the green light source has the least interference with wild boars and can help hunters better observe and aim at targets. This article will delve into the advantages, techniques and precautions of using green light for wild boar hunting, and provide a practical guide for friends who love hunting.

Why Choose Green Light for Wild Boar Hunting?

Minimal impact on wild boar

The retinas of wild boars are less sensitive to green light, which means that using green light at night will not irritate the wild boar's eyes as much as using white or red light, thereby reducing the possibility of them being frightened by the light source and running away. sex.

Improve the hunter's concealment

When using green light illumination, hunters can approach targets more covertly. Since wild boars react slowly to green light, hunters can take advantage of this and get closer to the wild boar for targeted shooting.

Improve targeting accuracy at night

Green light has better adaptability and sensitivity to the human eye than other colors of light. Using green lighting tools can help hunters have a clearer vision at night and improve aiming accuracy.

Choose the right green light lighting equipment

There are various types of green lighting equipment on the market, including green flashlights, headlamps, green laser sights, etc. When choosing the right equipment, there are several factors to consider:

  • Brightness : Choose green light lighting equipment with appropriate brightness according to different hunting terrains. For open areas, higher intensity lighting may be required to cover a wider area.
  • Battery life : Make sure the lighting equipment has enough battery life to support the entire hunting process.
  • Portability : Considering that you need to carry it for a long time when hunting, it is more appropriate to choose lighting equipment that is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Waterproof performance : Since night hunting may encounter humid conditions, it is very necessary to choose lighting equipment with good waterproof performance.

Brinyte T18-R R5 Green Hunting Light With Wireless Remote Switch

Brinyte T18 is a zoomable flashlight using imported CREE LED and high transmittance resin lens. Plus patented wireless remote control switch which can control T18 for 5-10 meters distance and adjust any brightness you need(2%-100%), making this flashlight more outstanding in terms of light efficiency utilization and ease of operation. What’s more, its Interchangeable copper LED module and tail tactical switch design, it is a good choice for hunting, military, outdoor sports, and other activities.


1.Powered by 1*21700 Li-ion battery (one spare 21700 battery in the package ) ;

2.Brinyte Patented wireless remote control (5-10meters Remote Range) and dimmer step-less switch;

3.Interchangeable copper LED module design;

4.Rotate the body of flashlight can make beam zoom in and out;

5.Tail tactical switch design, one-touch to Turbo;

6.Highly transparent resin lens for more effective light penetration;

7.Reverse polarity protection design, to protect from improper battery installation;

8.Regulated power supply maintains the constant current output;

9.Overcharge, over-discharge and over-heat protection.

User green lights for hog hunting

Hunting Tips and Precautions

  • Pre-reconnaissance : Before actual hunting, use daytime time to conduct reconnaissance at the hunting location to understand the activity patterns and terrain characteristics of wild boars.
  • Wind direction judgment : Keep in the downwind direction to prevent wild boars from smelling human scent.
  • Operate quietly : Minimize noise during operations, including footsteps and equipment operation, so as not to disturb the wild boars.
  • Lighting angle : When using green light illumination, try to illuminate the wild boar from the side or behind to avoid direct light entering the wild boar’s eyes.
  • Safety first : When hunting at night, you must pay attention to personal safety and compliance with laws and regulations to ensure that hunting is legal and safe.

By employing the above tips and considerations, combined with the proper green light lighting equipment, hunters can achieve better results on night hunts. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter, you should pay attention to the role of green light lighting in wild boar hunting at night, and make reasonable use of this tool to improve the success rate of hunting.