What is a tactical flashlight?

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight has a different purpose of use than your normal kitchen cabinet model.The difference between a normal flashlight and a tactical flashlight?
A tactical flashlight has a different purpose of use than your normal kitchen cabinet model. Tactical flashlights are designed with different materials, usually aerospace-grade aluminum. They are designed for high-impact stress because they are usually mounted to a weapon like M4/AR15 platform and most are waterproof to varying degrees. Tactical flashlights have textured grips and anti-roll profiles and are usually small enough to easily fit in a pocket. If you are looking for a light for your home defense weapon of choice you will most likely be using a tactical light.

The difference between a normal flashlight and a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights serve a much different purpose than household flashlights, their history and development have been made to serve a different market. Tactical flashlights were originally developed to be used in conjunction with a firearm to assist with target identification in areas where there is limited lighting. Rather than wielding a separate flashlight, it would allow a marksman (law enforcement, security or military) to aim a weapon and illuminate a target at the same time.

For police and security, tactical flashlights were a great innovation as they could offer a concentrated light beam that could temporarily blind an assailant or suspect, assist with target identification, and, with the much bigger tactical flashlights such as the Maglight, it could be used as a blunt weapon much like a police baton. This field of use meant the tactical flashlight had to be constructed differently, as household flashlights are often made of cheaper materials such as plastic, and would not be able to provide these same uses for those specific industries.

Tactical flashlights would also extend into further military use, where instances might permit lower lighting filters to be used, such as red light filters to preserve a person’s night vision as well as being able to illuminate an object. Some tactical flashlights can also be used with infrared filters, which when used in conjunction with night vision operating equipment, can serve as a marker or illuminate objects or areas to only night vision wearers. This is also used with laser sighting for weapons, which is standard practice for the military to use precision aiming at night.

How can you use a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights offer a mode of use that household flashlights don’t. One of its best uses is as a self-defense option. As tactical flashlights are not considered weapons in comparison to other self-defense tools such as pepper spray, they can be carried on to air transport, meaning there is no issue with this item as an everyday carry tool for travelers.

1. Self-defense
2. Illumination
3. In emergency situations
4. Starting a fire with a flashlight
5. As a utility tool
6. Signaling for help

What makes a good flashlight?

I would consider the following to be indicators of a quality flashlight:

Extremely bright and powerful lumens;
Ability to be focussed into a small blinding beam or wide to cover large areas;
Constant light brightness for long periods;
The overall time before the light begins to fade;
The reliable durability of the light itself;
Functionality in a wide scope of temperature and weather (water resistant)
Robust body